New MacBook Pro Toredown for Hardware Analysis

iFixit is known for their comprehensive hardware analysis. After the Verizon iPhone 4 teardown, now we bring you teardown of the new MacBook Pro. See the details, after the break.

iFixit toredown a MacBook Pro with a Quad-Core Intel i7-2630QM Mobile Processor (labeled as 2V041112A0127) and while there’s nothing entirely shocking here, this is what they’ve unearthed:

  • Wireless is Broadcom BCM4331
  • Intel BD82HM65 Platform Controller Hub
  • AMD Radeon HD 6490M GPU (labeled as AMD 216-00809000)
  • Quad-Core Intel i7-2629M Mobile Processor (labeled as 2V041112A0127)
  • Broadcom BCM57765B0KMLG Integrated Gigabit Ethernet and Memory Card Reader Controller
  • Intel L051NB32 EFL (probably the Thunderbolt port controller)

  • Parade PS8301 U08FUC
  • TDK 6T213HF 1045 H

As mentioned previously, there’s nothing entirely shocking for us to see here. However, this is actually quite an informative hardware analysis of the new MacBook Pro.

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Apple To Surprise Everyone with Near Immediate Availability of iPad 2 Next Week – Report

According to sources close to AppleInsider, Apple is going to surprise everyone next week with “near immediate” availability of the next-generation iPad to public.

iPad 2 Event

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is preparing several of its operating segments to perform functions during the second half of next week that are representative of nothing short of a large scale, consumer-oriented product roll out (not just an announcement). And with official invitations to next Wednesday’s press briefing clearly indicating a focus on iPad, these people believe at least one version of the refreshed device will be in transit to retail outlets during that briefing.

iPad 2

Apple is going to announce iPad 2 in a media event, which is going to be held on Wednesday, March 2nd, at the famous Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

iPad 2 is expected to feature at least one camera for FaceTime video calls, Dual Core CPU and GPU, and will be thinner in size than its predecessor.

For more on the next-gen iPad, check out our in-depth rumor roundup on Apple iPad 2.

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Video Shows Windows XP Booting Up on iPod Touch 2G

A new video has popped up on YouTube which shows Windows XP booting up on an iPod Touch 2G. It has been made by @iOSModifier and no information has been shared on how this feat has been accomplished which puts doubts in our minds on the authenticity of this video. Windows XP on iPod Touch

Keep in mind that Windows XP is an x86 operating system while the processor in an iPod Touch isn’t an x86 capable so that’s another reason for us doubting this. We know that some users have managed to run Windows 95 on an iPhone in the past via Bochs emulator which takes 5 to 10 minutes to just boot. Is that what has been used to boot Windows XP? We don’t know but we’ll be keeping an eye on this in case it is authentic.

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How to Install Android 2.3.3 on Nexus S

Nexus S Android 2.3.3 (GRI40) manual update is also here for those who are impatiently waiting to get their hands on the latest Gingerbread update.

I have done a full tutorial on how you can update your Nexus S to the latest software update manually. See after the jump!

How to Install Nexus S (GRI40) Software Update

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to install the Android 2.3.3 (GRI40) update on your rooted Nexus S. I have previously done a similar tutorial on how to install Android 2.1 (Update 1) manually on Nexus One, and I will be following the same steps in this case too.

Disclaimer: Try this on your own risk. I’m not responsible if you mess up with your Nexus S.

1. Download Gingerbread GRI40 the Nexus S Android 2.3.3 software update (GRI40) on your PC.

2. Rename the downloaded .zip file to ‘‘.

3. Connect and mount your Nexus S USB memory on your computer using the USB cable.

4. Now copy/paste the file to your USB memory. Make sure the file is in the USB memory root. It should not be in a directory.

5. Then turn off your phone.

6. Now to get in the bootloader mode, turn on the phone while pressing and holding the volume up and power buttons.

7. Follow the navigation instructions on the screen. Select BOOTLOADER and then go to RECOVERY.

8. Assuming you have ClockworkMod recovery, scroll down to “Flash zip from SD card” and press the power button to open it.

9. Using volume keys, select your “” file. Confirm the installation and the installation procedure should start now.

10. After the installation completes, reboot the phone by selecting “Reboot system” from the recovery menu. It might look as if stuck again on the Android bot, but it will soon reboot.

That’s it! Your Nexus S should have the latest software update installed on your phone! Go to Settings >About phone to verify.

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  • How to Update Nexus S to Android 2.3.3
  • How to Install Android 2.3.3 on Nexus One
  • How to Install RA Recovery Image on Nexus One
  • How to Root Nexus One with Superboot
  • Install Any App on SD Card on Android 2.2
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Forbes Richest Men of the World

Gold_80x80 copy
It is good, and more often than not, intelligent, to sit back and view, in perspective, events that may have happened a long time ago. The events do not necessarily have to be recent ones, but thinking them over later allows one a chance to make unbiased judgments. Acting on my own advice, and though my mind wandered over a number of topics, I basically thought over two news stories I had read a while back.
The first of these referred to a dearth of jobs in Pakistan’s IT sector. While the rest of the world talks of how technology is the fastest growing industry in the world, in a developing country like, Pakistan, it is unfortunate, but statistics show that every year nearly 50,000 B. Tech graduates are churned out by educational institutions. However, these fresh graduates are denied the opportunity to enlist in higher studies programs, work in the public sector, or get promotions in existing jobs. The reason is that their degree still holds an “undefined� status. It is felt that the solution is the formation of a Pakistan Technology Council that would help and safeguard the rights of technology graduates. In this regard, a demand proposal has been forwarded to the Ministry of Science and Technology since February 2010, but has elicited no response.
Meanwhile, a list published by Forbes last year’s September 2010, showed that of the top 400 people in the US, a remarkable number of people belonged to the IT industry. The exact number is 40… 40 people out of the 400 billionaires in the United States belonged to the technology sector which brings the ‘technology sector candidates’ to one tenth of all the people listed here. If that is the impact that technology has had in the United States, why do we, in Pakistan, say we have a dearth of jobs in the IT industry? While it is true that we are a poorer country, in these days of financial crunch, the US has just as bad a case of joblessness as any other country in the world and yet, these people have made it big also. The secret to their having done so apparently lies with the people themselves then. What did those people have that we are evidently not utilizing?
A look at the Forbes’ list will reveal that most of those in the IT industry are those entrepreneurial developers whose names we are all familiar with. Mark Zukerberg, Facebook founder, Steve Jobs from Apple, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer from Microsoft… the list is long, but the names are all very familiar. A number of Pakistani developers claim that the market for application developments is very vast. Many software developing houses in the country get international projects developing applications for a number of organizations. Maybe, for IT students and those in this field, the answer is not in the dearth of jobs that the country is allegedly facing, but in entrepreneurship which will help them earn money through freelance projects or through starting small scale businesses of their own which could, eventually, grow with the times.
Popularity: 1% [?]

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Mobilink Organizes First Ever Female Bloggers Meet-up

Mobilink Organizes First Ever Female Bloggers Meet-up

By Mehwish Khan · Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 2 Comments

A new chapter began in the history of blogging fraternity of Pakistan when Mobilink organized the first ever female bloggers meet-up in Lahore today.

The ‘females only’ meet up was organized to exclusively introduce the stylish feministic Motorola flip-out mobile phone launched by Mobilink earlier this month as well as to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2011.

Over 40 social media active ladies and female bloggers attended the meet-up at Café Rock. The audience was a mix of experienced, newbies and well as aspiring young female bloggers.

The meet-up began with a warm-up introductory session with attending bloggers followed by an online contest to win the new Motorola Flip-out phone.

A lot of different issues were brought up and discussed at the meet-up regarding female bloggers such as why Pakistani women don’t blog as much as their counterparts and what kind of apprehensions women usually face while blogging and maintaining active presence on social media platforms.

Many female bloggers also shared their blogging experience and helped out aspiring bloggers with their queries regarding blogging and remaining active on social media platforms.

A budding blogger, Amna Tariq was presented the Motorola Flip-out phone after she won the online contest at the event. At the conclusion of the meet-up, bloggers were informed about another chance to win the second Motorola Flip-out phone on the International Women’s Day (IWD).

In order to take part in the Mobilink IWD Blogging Contest, female bloggers have to submit their blog posts to Mobilink latest by March 5th. The best blog post winner will be awarded the second Motorola Flip-out phone on the upcoming International Women’s Day (March 8th).

This was the first time a telecom company took an initiative to support women bloggers in the country by exclusively arranging an event for them and promoted active presence of Pakistani women in online media for expression of thought and opinion.

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Tags: bloggers, Female bloggers meet up, international women’s day, Lahore, Mobilink, online media, Pakistan

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Sn0wbreeze Updated to v2.2.1 Fixes iBooks & Brings Drag and Drop IPSW Creation!

Th PwnageTool alternative for Windows users i.e sn0wbreeze 2.2, has just been updated to 2.2.1 which fixes issues with Verizon iPhone 4 jailbreak on iOS 4.2.6. The update also adds drag and drop support for IPSW files and is now able to fix 100% the iBooks issue most people were experiencing with the previous release. For those who don’t know, sn0wbreeze is a custom jailbreak firmware creation tool for iOS version 4.2.1 / 4.2.6 for all current iOS devices without updating your current baseband and preserving ultrasn0w unlock.
The method to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 is the same as with sn0wbreeze 2.2. Here’s how you can jailbreak your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with sn0wbreeze 2.2.1. Simple use the sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 version via download link given below:
Download Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 For Windows
Meanwhile, greenpois0n was also updated with a fix for iBooks to RC6.1. You can also follow either of the following guides to jailbreak your device with iOS 4.2.1:

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Dell Streak 7 Review by Ubergizmo

Dell recently introduced the all new Dell Streak 7, which is a successor to the previous tablet from Dell, the Dell Streak. This tablet goes head to head with the other tablets of its generation, the iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.

Dell Streak 7 has been extensively reviewed by Ubergizmo explaining design, display, performance and many other factors of the device.

Head over to Ubergizmo to see if this tablet is actually worth buying or not: Dell Streak 7 Review

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  • Dell Streak to get Froyo Update in US while UK version gets Leaked Android 2.1 Update?
  • Dell Streak Android 2.2 Update Coming This Month
  • Dell Streak Launching in Singapore on October 20
  • Dell Penthouse Media Event in Singapore
  • Dell Venue Pro for $150, Coming December 14
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Twidroyd is back online



Last week brought extremely bad news for the die hard fans of Twidroyd, a popular 3rd party app as the owners of the micro blogging network suspended the app on disciplinary grounds. Good news for you Twidroyders! the nightmare is finally over as the app is finally back and will offer its microblogging services just like it used to before it was called off for violating Twitter policies.

UberMedia founder Bill Gross explained the reasons as well as the changes that have been made for the app to get in Twitter’s good apps list:

  • Twitter said that in UberTwitter and Twidroyd we use a tweet-elongation service named that allows people to write more than 140 characters, and that this service may post private messages on a public website. At their request, we have removed this ability.
  • Twitter said that in UberCurrent we change links that are part of an affiliate program to be our own links. We don’t currently do this, but we removed all changing of links to eliminate any possibility of this.
  • Twitter said that they would like us to change the name UberTwitter, and we have changed the name to UberSocial, effective immediately.
  • To make sure that you get an app that conforms to Twitter’s rules and regulations, you need to download the app from here.

    [via Android Central]

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    How to Fix 1604, 1601, 1600, 16xx Error During iOS 4.2.1 Custom IPSW Firmware Restore in iTunes with iREB RC3

    iPhone developer iH8sn0w has just released a new version of iREB which is compatible with all iOS 4.2.1 devices. You can use it to bypass 1604, 1603, 1602, 1601, 1600 error in iTunes during custom iOS 4.2.1 firmware restore which has been created using either Sn0wbreeze or PwnageTool.

    iTunes Error

    iREB 4.0.x/4.1/4.2.1 [r3] supports the following devices:

    • iPhone 2G/3G/3G[S]/4
    • iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G/4
    • iPad
    • Apple TV 2

    Here’s how to use it:

    Step 1: Start iTunes 10.1.2 and put your iOS device into DFU mode.

    iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:

    • Connect your iOS device with your Computer.
    • Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds.
    • Now release the Power button but continue holding the Home button for 10 more seconds.
    • You device should now be in DFU mode.

    Apple TV 2G:

    • Connect your Apple TV with your Computer via microUSB.
    • Now reboot your Apple TV by holding down Menu + Down buttons together for around 6 seconds.
    • After reboot, immediately hold Menu + Play until you see the message in iTunes saying that Apple TV in recovery mode is detected.

    Fix 1604 Error iPhone 3.1.3

    Step 2: Now close iTunes and Start iREB RC3 on Windows.

    iREB RC3

    Step 3: Simply select your device and wait for a few seconds until you get white or a red screen on your iOS device.

    Step 4: Now start iTunes again and select your iOS device from the sidebar in iTunes. Now press and hold left “alt” button (“Shift” button on Windows) on the keyboard and then click on “Restore” (Not “Update”) button in the iTunes and then release the “Shift” button. Select the required custom .ipsw file and restore it.

    That’s it! iTunes should now be able to restore your iOS device to the latest iOS 4.2.1 custom firmware without any problems. Hopefully you wont get any 16xx errors during restore this time around!

    Download iTunes 10.1.2 for Windows
    Download iREB RC3 for Windows

    You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking releases.

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    Mobilink Introduces Bill Payment Service

    Mobilink Introduces Bill Payment Service

    By Mehwish Khan · Monday, Feb 21, 2011 9 Comments

    Mobilink Bill Payment Mobilink Introduces Bill Payment ServiceMobilink today announced its Bill Payment Service, which will allow customers to pay their bills at Mobilink Service Centers, franchises or Mobilink utility bill Payment retailor.

    A company statement said:

    Mobilink has now added Utility Bill Payments solution to its Mobile Financial Services Portfolio enabling all Pakistanis regardless of cellular ownership to make utility bill payments.

    With the largest portfolio of utility companies across Pakistan on board with NADRA e-Sahulat, Mobilink is the only cellular operator currently offering bill payments solution for all forms of utilities in collaboration with NADRA e-Sahulat. Mobilink aims to expand this panel, already the largest offered by any Telco operator, in coming months.

    As of today, bill payments for 18 utilities, including electricity, gas, water and Telephone can be made at all Mobilink business centers, franchises and selected Mobilink shops. Service powered by NADRA’s e-Sahulat is open to customers of all networks and even those who do not own a cellular connection.

    The solution does not require any registration or any additional fee associated with it at any point. Moreover, all retailer transactions occur in real time, are secured by a 4 digit MPIN and generate an instant SMS receipt sent to both user and retailer in case of mobile ownership.

    "The mobile phone has emerged from a mere communication tool with a boundless range of opportunities. Customers today want convenient ways to engage with and manage their daily financial lives. Our bill payments empower customers to make utility bill payments anytime, anywhere through a reliable and secure channel. As the trusted cellular services provider for over 30 million Pakistanis, we feel that adding payment capabilities to our retailer network is a natural step in establishing Mobilink’s position in the mobile financial services arena," said Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink at the launch of the Utility Bill Payments Solution.

    This is not the first time Mobilink has stepped into Utility bill payment solutions, previously, they had partnered with NADRA for a similar service. Mobilink Genie used to offer same kind of service as well.

    However, with this new solution â€" powered by NADRA’s e-sahulat, Mobilink has formally involved their core-support network, i.e. customer care centers and franchises for bill payments.

    How to Pay Bill with Mobilink:

    • Go to any of your nearest Mobilink Customer Care Center, Mobilink Franchise or Mobilink Utility Bill Payment Retailer along with your bill
    • Present your bill and cash to the representative of Mobilink CC center, Franchise or Retailer.
    • Give your Mobile Number to the representative, [its important to give him mobile number as you are going to receive a confirmation SMS from Mobilink]
    • The representative of Mobilink CC Center, Franchise or Retailer will pay your bill through his system, and you will receive a confirmation SMS of successful payment of your bill
    • Your bill will be stamped and signed by representative of Mobilink CC Center, Franchise or Retailer
    • This service is absolutely free of charge
    • Every time you pay your bill, please ensure that your bill is stamped and signed by the representative of Mobilink CC Center, Franchise or Retailer, and you receive confirmation SMS from Mobilink

    No charges:

    This service is free of charge. Nothing will be charged to customer over and above the actual bill amount. The solution does not require any registration or any additional fee associated with it at any point.

    Important Note:

    • In case of Mobile customer, the customer must ensure that he/she has received the Bill payment Confirmation SMS from 771.
    • Service is Free â€" don’t give any service charges of fee for bill payment.

    Supported Networks:

    Through Mobilink Utility Bill Payment Service, you can pay the bills of following utility companies:

    Mobilink Bill Payment 1 Mobilink Introduces Bill Payment Service

    Service Disclaimer from Mobilink:

    Mobilink has posted a disclaimer on its website, which says that company won’t be responsible for any loss. Read them on:

    By using Mobilink Utility Bill Payment Service, the customer agrees to the following:

    • In case of Mobile customer, the customer must ensure that he/she has received the Bill payment Confirmation SMS from 771.
    • That the customer must ensure that after successful bill payment, his/her bill is stamped and Transaction ID and Retailer Number is mentioned on the stamp.
    • That the representative of Mobilink CC Center, Franchise or Retailer is not authorized to receive any fees over and above the actual bill amount.
    • That the customer understands and agrees that no claims for arrears or otherwise will be entertained or considered by Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink) without a valid transaction ID.
    • That there are no undertakings, warranties, terms of agreement between the parties or guarantees by Mobilink as to the quality, standard and function of the Service and the direct and indirect consequences arising from the use of the Service.
    • That there is no assurance that the Service is free from defects, errors, or omissions, or is accurate or not flawed in any way or fit for any particular purpose, or will operate without interruption, delay or will be available or will not be suspended, cancelled or terminated.
    • That Mobilink shall not be liable for any consequences which arise as a result of the use of the Service by you including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of capital, loss of savings, loss of data and information, business, revenue, contracts, reputation or goodwill or any other expenses, costs and damages whether direct or indirect and whether reasonably foreseeable or not or in any manner whatsoever.
    • That all the risk, liability and choice of using the Services is with you and you shall not seek to claim any sums from Mobilink.
    • Mobilink may amend these terms and conditions whenever it deems necessary and Mobilink may amend/change the services offered herein or discontinue the services in whole or in part.
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    Tags: Bill Payment, bills, mcommerce, Mobile commerce, Mobilink, Service, Utilities

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    Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg with President Obama At Big Tech Dinner Last Night [PHOTOS]

    President Barack Obama talks with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg before a dinner with Technology Business Leaders in Woodside, California, Feb. 17, 2011. Also pictured, left to right, are Carol Bartz, Yahoo! President and CEO; Art Levinson, Genentech Chairman and former CEO; Steve Westly, Founder and Managing Partner, The Westly Group; and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman and CEO of Google.

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    Apple iPad 2 Screen Protectors Show A Portrait Front Facing Camera



    We’re all anxiously awaiting for Apple to come out with the official details of the Apple iPad 2. While much has already been discovered all thanks to rumors (hopefully) which also includes the fact that the iPad 2 will have a front camera. What about the placement of that camera? Will it be sideways like the iPhone 4 or landscape like the Motorola Xoom or Dell Streak ? 9to5mac believes that the camera is going to be right on top of the glass on the iPad 2.

    The claim has been made with the help of sources said to have access to the iPad 2 screen protector inventory. The image clearly shows the portrait position of the front facing camera.

    The other image of the iPad 2 screen protector received from a separate source seems to indicate that the the iPad 2 could possibly be slightly taller and slightly narrower than the original iPad. We already know that the iPad 2 will have the same 1024×768 display like its predecessor. Does this hint at a narrower, albeit slightly, bezel?

    According to rumors, the iPad 2 release is expected to happen on either the first or the second Saturday of April, while rumor is that the iPad 2 production has started. However, keep in mind that all of the information received up till now are rumors, as there as been no official word from Apple as yet.

    Let us see when Apple officially announces the iPad 2.

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    Zong Android Handset Now Available for Rs. 10,999

    Zong Android Handset Now Available for Rs. 10,999

    By M Mathar · Friday, Feb 18, 2011 9 Comments

    Zong Android Zong Android Handset Now Available for Rs. 10,999Zong, has lowered the price for its Huawei Manufactured android handset.

    Handset, which was earlier offered at at 15,999, is now available for just Rs. 10,999.

    This move is a clear indication that Zong is eyeing the huge lower-end market, not as other cellular operators who are focusing high-end audience.

    Not only this, With Zong’s Android handset â€" you will get 6 months free GPRS to surf the internet and get access to unlimited Free Android applications while at the same time explore the splendid Android centric functionalities of the handset.

    Visit your nearest ZONG Customer Service Center or Franchise to avail this fabulous offer.

    Here are brief specs for the Zong Android Handset:

    • OS â€" Android OS, V2.2
    • CPU â€" 528 MHz Qualcomm Processor
    • 3.2 MP Camera
    • Bluetooth • GPRS/ EDGE
    • Wi-Fi
    • USB
    • GPS
    • Accelerometer
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Ambient Light Sensor
    • POP3 and Exchange Server Email Support
    • microSD Card Support (microSD card not included)

    Here’s a introduction video of the phone:

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    • Nokia Announces Dual SIM, Low End Phones
    • Handset, Free Minutes, Unlimited SMS, MMS for 1 Year @ Rs. 2,999: Zong

    Tags: android, Gadgets, Pakistan, smartphones, Telecom, Zong

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    IT industry in 2011

    Salim Ghauri

    In lieu of a robust growth expected of the Information Technology (IT) industry of Pakistan for the year 2011, introspection is needed nonetheless.

    The IT industry has already emerged successfully through 2010 after fighting the unprecedented recession that started in 2008. Revival of business activity has kick-started with the funds pumped in by the investors’ world over. The up-gradation of systems and software has started world over, which remained rare during 2009.

    The international customers have started investing in balancing, maturing and replacing their systems and software. It will help Pakistan IT industry to attain stability in order to grow further in the years to come. It is IT companies like NetSol, associated with the areas of finance and leasing that are expected to grow at a much faster pace during 2011.

    On a positive note, Pakistan’s IT and telecom sector has been growing at a much faster pace and it looks all set to expand further in coming years. A majority of traffic online consists of young people as personal income levels are on the rise in rural areas. Majority of young graduates prefer to excel in the field of IT, a trend pushing the growth of IT and telecom companies in Pakistan.

    State Bank of Pakistan’s annual report suggests that the IT sector also posted rapid growth on the back of growing demand for automation in domestic businesses, in the last fiscal year, as seen in previous years. In addition, growing demand for business outsourcing in developing countries led the way for rapid growth of IT exports, such as call centre services and software development, the report adds. It points out that Pakistan’s lower cost of labour, land and tariff exemption on IT exports gives the sector an advantage over other competitors.

    Very recently, a Pakistani software house has developed anti-virus software. Once marketed on large scale and at right prices, it would help in curbing the use of pirated, and thus sub-standard, anti-virus software from other countries.

    There is an impression that lack of adequate skilled workforce and brain drain are two major constraints to future growth. Further, another problem projected by industry experts is that the small size of local market for call centers and software houses does not allow economies of scale,. On the other hand, in case of exports, first movers like India and the Philippines have a strong brand image abroad which helps them get more orders despite having higher service costs than that of Pakistan. It is very difficult for the sector to get loans as ICT businesses have no tangible collaterals to offer. Although the industry has little dependence on banks for meeting running costs, scale expansions need bank financing.

    Despite all such odds, the IT industry today boasts of the presence of about 1,000 local and more than 50 foreign IT companies. However, majority of these companies are operating in major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    The fear of financial meltdown in 2008 is over and stability has started gaining strength in the markets. Domestically, there was no remarkable opportunity in 2008. But a stable Pakistan in terms of war against terrorism, strong Judiciary and strong media has changed the business scene altogether. This atmosphere will build up investors’ confidence sooner than later. More IT companies were registered during 2010 and more jobs are likely to be created in the country. This trend is likely to continue ahead. NetSol Technologies is growing and hiring more people to fulfill customers’ day to day demands both internationally and domestically. A large number of small companies are operating outside major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad. All these companies are doing local work. The IT entrepreneurs are quite confident that the industry in smaller cities would grow further. It is also worth noting that a good number of IT resources are hired from smaller cities like Gujranwala, Multan and Sukkur etc.

    As far as the public sector is concerned, the 2010 floods hit the IT growth badly, as funds allocated for public sector automation were shifted to the rehabilitation of flood affected people. Now a change is in the offing, resulting into the birth of more IT companies, particularly due to increase in world IT demand.

    Similarly, absence of IT Minister has also hindered the IT industry growth. This situation was not suitable to the growth of industry since there was no representative of industry at the highest level. An absence of a particular representative of IT industry in the Cabinet has also put the fate of Task Force on Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) into doldrums. All the recommendations are awaiting formal approvals from the concerned authorities.

    It is also worth mentioning that NetSol Technologies has successfully completed 15 years in January 2011. NetSol today is the largest IT Company in the country with highest export earnings, highest quality standards including CMMI Level5. NetSol has captured 90 percent of leasing and financial market in China and its management is foreseeing lot of achievements in next five years ahead worldwide.

    According to SBP statistics, Pakistan’s annual export of software and IT-enabled services is worth over $200 million. But software developers say actual export earnings are far higherâ€"close to a billion dollars. They say the reason for this massive difference is that Pakistan uses a more restricted definition of export earnings of software and IT-enable services than India and other countries.

    Similarly agricultural extension departments and commodity procurement agencies need to digitalise their operations to contain crop diseases, improve soil fertility and increase per-acre yields of food staples. Part of the foreign investment that has been lined up for agricultural sector could be used in these areas. But we actually need to develop some models of public-private partnerships. The era of digital divide is over. Smart phones are low priced and there is no reason that Pakistan should excel in promoting IT usage in growth of agriculture of the country. Huge benefits are being accrued world over and Pakistani farmers have never thought of having those benefits to prosper.

    The year 2011 will be more positive for the IT industry. The industry hopes that the government would appoint an IT Minister in second phase. The IT industry is facing enormous challenges including political instability, terrorism, floods and much more. The IT has failed to attract government attraction despite contributing impressing to job creation and export earning for the country. It is fastest growing industry in the country and would be leading from the front in future.

    The Indian IT industry, on the other hand, has reached to a saturation point and growth there is now in small percentage against Pakistan IT industry, growing in double digit.

    (The writer is Chairman & CEO NetSol Technologies Ltd. He is also former Chairman of Federal Government Task Force on Information & Technology (ICT). Mr. Ghauri is also Honourary Consul for Australia in the province of Punjab, Pakistan)

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    New PSN Service Agreement Brings Some Unwanted Conditions

    After the hacking of the PS3 by George Hotz(geohot), Sony has released a new PSN service agreement banning all peripherals that aren’t licensed by Sony, and allowing Sony to collect even more data from the owner’s PS3 console. This data includes, among other things, what kind of television the PS3 is plugged into, what kind of controllers the PS3 is connected to, and what USB devices are plugged in. All of this data, including your credit card information, is transferred to Sony when the PS3 is connected to the PlayStation Network.


    Screenshot via PS3NEWS

    In addition to the ridiculous amounts of data taken by Sony in an attempt to prevent hacking, any peripherals(controllers, power supplies, software, etc.) that haven’t been approved by Sony will result in a ban of the user’s PSN account permanently.

    You agree that you will not use any unauthorized hardware, including peripherals not sold or licensed by a Sony company such as, by way of example only, non-licensed game enhancement devices, controllers, adaptors and power supply devices (collectively, “Non-Licensed Peripherals”) or software to access or use Sony Online Services or any content or service provided on or through Sony Online Services.

    Is Sony going too far? It would seem that their latest efforts to prevent hacking have been rather extreme and hastily thrown together. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

    Original article via PSX-Scene here.

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    Apple iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Using PwnageTool 4.2 For Mac [Tutorial]



    The iPhone Dev-Team has finally released PwnageTool 4.2 for Mac. You can follow these instructions, coutesy of iClarified, to achieve an untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak on your iPhone 4.

    Step One:

    Make a folder called “Pwnage” on the desktop. Then you need to put PwnageTool 4.2 (download link 1,2) and the iOS 4.2.1 iPhone firmware in it.

    Step Two:
    Double click to mount PwnageTool then drag the PwnageTool icon into the Pwnage folder.

    Then double click to launch the PwnageTool application

    Step Three:
    From the top menu bar, select Expert Mode

    Step Four:
    Then simply click on the images given to select your device. Once selected, click the blue arrow to proceed.

    Step Five:
    A “Browse for IPSW” page will be displayed. Click the Browse for IPSW… button to select the IPSW that we downloaded earlier.

    A window will pop-up from where you have to select your firmware from the Pwnage folder and then click the Open button.

    Step Six:
    A menu displaying several choices will come up. Click to select General then click the blue arrow button to proceed.

    The General settings allows you to decide the partition size. If your iPhone is not on an official carrier, Check Activate the phone and click the blue arrow button to proceed

    Remember: Deselect Activate if you have an iPhone legitimately activated on an official carrier.

    The Cydia settings menu lets you to create custom packages, eliminating the need to manually install them later.

    Click On the Download packages tab. Click the Refresh button to display all the available packages. To download a package, double click on the one of your choice, it will automatically be downloaded and made available in the Select Packages tab.

    Check the packages you want and then click the blue arrow button to proceed.

    The Custom Packages Settings menu displays listed package settings for your custom IPSW. Leave these settings as they are, for now.

    Step Seven:
    The Pwnage process is now ready to begin! Click the Build button to select it and proceed by clicking the blue arrow button.

    Step Eight:
    PwnageTool will then ask you to save your custom .ipsw file. Save it to your Pwnage folder you created on your Desktop.

    PwnageTool is now building your custom IPSW. The process can take up to 10 minutes so be patient.

    Step Nine:
    Once you custom IPSW has been built, PwnageTool will ask you to plug in your iPhone. Once it detects your device PwnageTool will guide your through the steps to putting your iPhone into DFU mode.

    Follow the onscreen instructions to easily put your iPhone into DFU mode.

    Step Ten:
    Once your iPhone is in DFU mode, fire up iTunes and hold the Alt/Option key and click Restore.

    Step Eleven:
    Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop using the dialog window that appears. Select the custom IPSW that was created and click the Choose button.

    Step Twelve:
    Sit back and relax as iTunes will now restore the custom firmware you created using PwnageTool on your iPhone. This can also take up to 10 minutes. Once the restore is done, your iPhone will be rebooted into untethered jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 !

    Let us know in the comments below if you experience any issues while performing this procedure.

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    Plants vs. Zombies Now Available For Download In The Mac App Store!

    One of the most successful games of iOS “Plants vs. Zombies”, now makes its way to the Mac App Store. The game is already available for iPhone / iPod touch as well as for the bigger screen of iPad. For those who’ve never played it before, the game revolves around the concept of killing zombies marching towards your house using seeds, powders and bombs released by plants grown by you. There are five different game modes with truly addictive graphics and gameplay.


    Get ready to soil your plants in an all-new action-strategy game from PopCap! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to slow down, confuse, weaken and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they can reach your front door. Each zombie has its own special skills, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all. But be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds: as you battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge. And with five game modes to dig into, the fun never dies!


    You can grab Plants vs. Zombies from the Mac App Store for $9.99.

    Download Plants vs. Zombies For Mac [Direct Link]

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