‘Fotoshop by Adobe’: A Hilarious Parody Ad Featuring Photoshop

This is probably the most hilarious thing you will see today! Film maker Jesse Rosten was inspired to make this Photoshop/ beauty advert parody after watching an infomercial for a cosmetics line one sleepless night, and he did well!

The result is this awesome video that is simply hilarious. What's even more funny is the tagline used to describe this parody informercial, "This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty".

The ad looks all the more hilarious because most of it is true. You know what they say, beauty is as good as the latest version of Photoshop.

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Text2Speech For iPhone Converts User Specified Text Strings Into Voice

At one point or another I am pretty sure everyone has wanted their iPhone to be able to communicate with them. For those who are lucky enough to have the iPhone 4S, Apple’s Siri voice assistant probably has you covered in the human to device communications department, but for the rest of us; Cydia has come up trumps again with the Text2Speech app. Text2Speech has been around on Cydia for a while, but is one of those nice little apps that manages to raise a smile on our faces every time we use it.

The title of the app pretty much sums up its functionality. After downloading, users are invited to enter a text string into the supplied text field at the top of the main screen. When finished, the app simply converts the entered text into speech and reads it out loud. Being able to make a device read about some written words is hardly a new thing, so we don’t expect you to be blown away by this, but it is kind of cool to play around with on the iPhone.

The app comes with a number of in-app configurable options including the ability to choose from one of four preset voices. The voices can then be customized further by altering the pitch, variance and speed of the voice. The app generates a .wav file, containing the speech which is stored on the device in the /var/mobile/Documents directory and therefore could be pulled off the device with a little bit of SSH knowledge, if required. Text2Speech also keeps a track of all converted text strings through a historical timeline which can be deleted if required.

Text2Speech is available as a free of charge download from the ModMyi repository.

Of course, you will need to jailbreak your device to install this tweak. For jailbreaking the latest iOS 5.1 (tethered), follow the instructions posted here to jailbreak using Redsn0w, or here for Sn0wbreeze. For jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2, you can simply follow our step by step tutorial posted here to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe on Windows or Mac. Those of you with an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod touches can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze to untether jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1.

Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Safari 5.1.4 Released With Performance Improvements

Apple has pushed out a new version of Safari today, version 5.1.4 which brings a number of fixes and improvements to performance, stability and security. Safari is Apple’s web browser and ships across various platforms which include OS X, Windows and iOS. The iOS version is rarely updated, mostly in major iOS releases while the updates for desktop operating systems are released far often.

Safari 5.1.4

Here’s the full changelog from Apple:

  • Improve responsiveness when typing into the search field after changing network configurations or with an intermittent network connection
  • Address an issue that could cause webpages to flash white when switching between Safari windows
  • Address issues that prevented printing U.S. Postal Service shipping labels and embedded PDFs
  • Preserve links in PDFs saved from webpages
  • Fix an issue that could cause the screen to dim while watching HTML5 video
  • Improve stability, compatibility and startup time when using extensions
  • Allow cookies set during regular browsing to be available after using Private Browsing
  • Fix an issue that could cause some data to be left behind after pressing the “Remove All Website Data” button

Safari is a distant fourth in terms of popular web browsers on the Internet. It ranks after Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox but in terms of mobile usage, it’s the most used browser on smart phones. Seeing how the growth of mobile devices over traditional PCs keeps growing, we might have a very different picture of web browser market share vin a few years.

Tip: In case you didn’t know, if you’re using Safari, check out the really useful extensions to extend its capabilities

Download Safari 5.1.4

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Activation Keys

Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has just been launched by Microsoft and is now available for download. You can grab the 32-bit and 64-bit download from the Windows 8 website.

When you download Windows 8, Microsoft is also giving out Windows 8 product/activation keys that you can use with the Consumer Preview release.

Here is a list of keys that Microsoft has on the website for everyone to use:


You can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview from the download link below:

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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In Focus: Marcon 2012

By Aqsa Tariq

The Marketing Association of Pakistan(MAP) partnered  with Unilever Pakistan this year to host the Marketing Conference, popularly known as Marcon, 2012 on the 21st of March at the Marriott Hotel, Karachi.

Marcon 2012 was indeed an extravagant, all day affair which hosted nearly 400 people belonging to different fields, moderated by the Editor-In-Chief of CIO Pakistan, Rabia Garib. These included marketing professionals, senior members of the industry and renowned personnel from a variety of fields. This year’s theme New Trends & Insights in Creating & Sustaining Competitive Advantage, focused on the countless opportunities one can dive in to gain a competitive edge over others.

Other event partners included Terrabiz, Peak Freans, HBL, Allied Bank, Coca Cola Pakistan Beverages Limited, CNN, Jang Group, MCB, IoBM, CIO Pakistan and Symmetry Group.

The keynote was presented by S. Masood Hashmi, President of the Marketing Association of Pakistan(MAP) and CEO of Orientm McCann Erickson.  Following it, was an extensive insight into what should be done by industry veterans to bring about the desired regional growth by Sakib Sherani, CEO Macroeconomic Insights and Former Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

Prominent speakers at the conference included Ehsan A. Malik, CEO, Unilever Pakistan Ltd., Afnan Ahsan, CEO Engro Foods, Amir Paracha, VP Marketing (Home and Personal Care) Unilever Pakistan, Javed Jabbar, Global Vice President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Khaliq ur Rehman, VP, MAP, Lahore Chapter and Shoaib Qureshy, CEO, Bulls Eye Communications Group.

Summarizing the fertility of events like the Marcon to the economy, Tarek Miknas, CEO Middle East and Africa, Fortune Promoseven Group made an analogy to peeling a banana from the other end to pull out from ‘the conventional way of doing things’. Since the economy of Pakistan was in the spotlight at Marcon 2012, Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited made a video presentation that echoed the message ‘There are reasons to believe in Pakistan’.  Following it was a short documentary of how technology was used to ‘Rebuild, Reuse and Restabilize’ in a campaign earlier. Here, Haider Ibrahim gave a brief note on ‘Resettling the Indus’, which was an initiative taken by a group or architects and artists after the disastrous floods in 2010.

In addition to the speakers’ lined-up, Marcon 2012 also held two panel discussions. One of these called brought together a panel to discuss Adaptation to the Evolving Relationship between Client, Media and Agencies. Discussed here, were strategies on how to respond to the changing needs of the market. Another panel discussion was the CEO Round Table which discussed the Alignment of Marketing with the Corporate Business Strategy. Discussed here, were essentials that the marketing schemas shouldn’t give up on. As highlighted by one of the speakers, people in Pakistan generally haven’t held grasp over the power of the digital age which is why they are running after the wrong things. With an urge to divert attention towards social media tools, most of the eminent speakers at this year’s largest marketing conference emphasized on the convergence of digital media and creativity in order to project your brand.

Quoting the example of PTCL, Naveed Saeed, Senior Executive Vice President PTCL emphasized on the horizons of marketing that has increased with the emergence of the digital age. He shared the insights of his organization and the significance of viral space digital marketing, social media, internet marketing, mobile marketing as these are the essential new tools for companies that want to maintain competitive edge over others.

Moral of the story, here at Marcon, is that marketing revolves around a nucleus which is the consumer. How one packages and presents one’s product, with a tinge of creativity and innovation is what gives it a competitive edge over others. These days, the audience is spread all over and using different mediums. To engage with the audience is essential if one must reach out to all the potential consumers. With more and more options flowing into the market, people tend to forget one product at a relatively faster pace. In order to keep up with the market and the consumer needs, one must constantly innovate and enhance their performance.

With a sharp understanding of the emerging trends in marketing, use of technology and developing customer centric products, the speakers at this year’s sessions provided valuable tips for marketers who were keen on gaining insight. And that is obviously, only the more necessary because marketing today must be integrated with all other departments in order to bring about a dynamic change in the outlook of the product offering.


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Information Technology for Health Sector – a Need for Pakistan!

Information Technology for Health Sector â€" a Need for Pakistan!

By Fahim K · Friday, Mar 30, 2012 7 Comments

262 thumb Information Technology for Health Sector   a Need for Pakistan!Owing to the technology having improved and sharpen our lives to a much larger degree, in addition to stressing its involvement in different facets, inclusion of Information Technology (IT) applications in health sector also need proper attention.

Health Information Technology (HIT) refers to the use of IT and its applications by health personnel, patients and service providers etc. The usage may cater to cover a multitude of purposes i.e. keeping health records, facilitating appointments and assisting the physician etc.

Involvement of HIT in health sector is spreading at rapid pace in developed nations. However, in developing countries, particularly Pakistan, its applications are limited to administrative and financial purposes.

Our health system needs proper consideration. With an annual population growth of 2.1%, initiatives to tailor the health-sector to modern tech-tools seem mandatory for sake of a prosperous healthy Pakistan.

There is an urgent need to consider using HIT in the country’s health sector, as major occurrences of medical accidents occur due to lack of collaboration between medical practitioners, inaccessibility to latest medical tools and unavailability of patients’ log in emergency cases.

In a proper functional HIT, the medical records are computerized, internet is used for sharing documents, electronic identification for patients is used, and the system is fully centralized. Due to their nature of demanding quick care and treatment, health-related matters need integrity, quality of service, promptness and fast delivery. Using latest information technology tools promises such objective.

Some of its applications include reduction in paper work, which, in addition to lowering the chances of medical errors, is also eco-friendly. Also, the maintenance of a patient’s medical history in digital form relieves him from taking medical test repetitively. By accessing health information actively medical-professionals can get themselves updated with latest trends and latest communication tools can allow long distance collaborations.

For underdeveloped countries, the major reason preventing them to include HIT is the lack of proper IT and telecom infrastructure. However, in our case, the technological advances allow even far-flung areas to get connected via Internet, which can be considered as backbone of HIT. Moreover, the country is blessed with talented IT professionals and engineers. However, it lacks planning and support from the respective authorities.

Some of the suggestions are as:

  • In addition to planning and initiating the idea, training arrangements should be made for concerned medical as well as technical professionals. A fragment of such professionals should be cross-trained and HIT related courses should be included in the medical curriculum.
  • To evaluate its feasibility, research and statistical studies need to be carried. Proper allocation of funds is also necessary as in previous fiscal year, among Rs. 663 billion allocated for public sector development, only Rs. 16.9 billion were fixed for health division.
  • Due to cultural and social setup, general tendency to adopt a change is lower. To help solve such quandary, the authorities must emphasize the need to adopt HIT.
  • Initially the newly HIT-based setup should run in parallel with conventional system and to rule-out chances of starting errors, back-up arrangements must be available.


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  • Microsoft Open Door Coming to Pakistan at ITCN Asia
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‘Fotoshop by Adobe’: A Hilarious Parody Ad Featuring Photoshop [Video]

This is probably the most hilarious thing you will see today! Film maker Jesse Rosten was inspired to make this Photoshop/ beauty advert parody after watching an infomercial for a cosmetics line one sleepless night, and he did well!

The result is this awesome video that is simply hilarious. What's even more funny is the tagline used to describe this parody informercial, "This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty".

The ad looks all the more hilarious because most of it is true. You know what they say, beauty is as good as the latest version of Photoshop.

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Just One Quarter Later, Nokia Is The Largest Windows Phone Smartphone Vendor In The World

It has been just over twelve months since Finnish communications company, Nokia, joined forces with the might of Microsoft in an attempt to boost their falling worldwide mobile phone sales by manufacturing devices featuring the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The move represented a somewhat bumpy journey into the unknown for Nokia but was seen as an attempt to try and break the stranglehold that Android and iOS powered devices have over the industry.

The Symbian OS which previously ran on Nokia devices played a huge part in making sure that Nokia were once the world’s leading smartphone vendor, a title they are very unlikely to recapture anytime soon thanks to the likes of Apple and Samsung dominating smartphone sales. The Symbian OS was predicted to be phased out entirely by mid 2012 and replaced solely with Nokia smartphones running the Microsoft Windows Phone OS in an attempt to compete in the "war of the ecosystems" as Nokia boss Stephen Elop put it at that time.


That partnership was announced only twelve months ago, but with the company launching their range of Lumia devices being launched in 2011. Strategy Analytics are reporting that they (Nokia) have overtook HTC and a number of others to become the world’s largest vendor of smartphones powered by Windows Phone. The number of Windows Phone powered smartphones shipped globally reached the 2.7 million mark in Q4 of 2011 with Nokia accounting for thirty three percent of that with 0.9 million units shipped. The high percentage is largely due to the fact that the Lumia range of phones gained in traction and popularity around the world.


Tom Kang, who is a direct at Strategy Analytics gives his opinion on how Nokia have managed to achieve the status as the world’s largest vendor of Windows Phone smartphones and what it may mean for the likes of HTC who have lost market share:

Nokia’s Microsoft smartphone growth during the quarter was achieved partly by capturing market share from HTC. This is a challenging development for HTC because it is also losing ground to Samsung in the Android segment. HTC is now at risk of being caught in a pincer movement between two giants of Samsung in Android and Nokia in Microsoft, and HTC must move with urgency to address the problem.

The news and statistics are obviously a good sign for the struggling Finnish company. After enjoying many years as the golden boys of mobile telephone manufacturing, they have almost been left behind by the huge advances in the industry thanks largely to the likes of Google and Apple who have the most dominant operating systems out there in the market. Nokia still have a long road ahead of them, and with Microsoft’s smartphone shipments being tiny in comparison to rivals, it seems that the road will be anything but smooth, nevertheless it represents a move in the right direction for Nokia.

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HTC Reveals Schedule for Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrades for its Android Phones

Android 4.0

It’s been a while since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was announced by Google â€" May 2011, to be exact. Google also announced efforts to ensure that OEMs push out Android updates quicker and support them on older devices but so far, none of the OEMs have delivered on this promise.

Samsung had announced its plans for the upgrades but we’ve yet to see any device receive an update. The timelines they provided were very vague and mentioned releases starting in 1st quarter of 2012.

Now, HTC has stepped up and announced their timelines for Ice Cream Sandwich update releases. Similar to Samsung, some of the devices have very vague update timelines.

Soon. That’s what we can tell, specially if you bought it recently. Here are all the timelines they’ve provided:

  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Vivid
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD

More information on Ice Cream Sandwich releases will be available in the following weeks.

This is because each OEM has to make sure it works correctly with the set of customizations they provide whether its skin customization, software features or hardware features. HTC is famous for its Sense UI that it builds on top of Android. This UI not only provides a different look, it ships with many features that are not available by default in Android. While, in certain cases, people might find these as bloat, most people find them useful. Same is the case with other Android OEMs such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and so on.

To make sure that you’re always using the latest version of Android, you can either buy a Google experience device such as Galaxy Nexus which ships with Android 4.0, or you can always try using Cyanogen Mod, which is a custom ROM and always manages to bring the latest Android version to phones before OEMs officially release it themselves. This comes at a cost of not having OEM specific customizations and skins, but some people are more than happy to have this tradeoff since it means having the default Android UI.

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Top 15 Nokia N9 Apps

Ovi Store for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

Nokia N9 is one of the most beautiful devices Nokia has ever made. The shape, its body â€" every aspect of the phone speaks out how much Nokia has put into the phone. The new (not so new now) Nokia N9 is an elegant device that runs on Meego, a Linux-based Operating System, which Nokia has now killed down.

I have been playing with the device for a while now, and in a few words, I ‘d like to sum it up that if you want a phone to impress people, then this is the one to get you should get.

Top 15 Nokia N9 Applications

Moving on, I have covered here the top 5 Nokia N9 apps I have found interesting. These apps do not fall into any criteria whatsoever. These are the ones I mostly used during my playtime with the Nokia N9. And, this is not all. We are soon bringing a full review of the phone!


World Clock

File Manager

Sound Recorder

The Flashlight


Call Recorder


Camera Pro

Camera Pro for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps


Compass for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

Battery Usage

Battery Usage for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

Simple Mirror

Simple Mirror for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

Speed Display

Speed Display for Nokia N9 - Top Nokia N9 Apps

You can download all these apps from the Ovi Store app on your Nokia N9.

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(For PC World Pakistan)

PTA Busts 61 Illegal Mobile Phone Jammers

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has removed 61 jammers across Pakistan to make sure that the spectrum for the telecom operators is not hindered. According to online news sources, PTA conducted numerous raids with Federal investigation Agency (FIA) against illegal frequency users and removed wireless equipment. It also merits mentioning here that the authority had also successfully vacated 66 illegal frequency spots which were affecting the authorized spectrum of licensed telecom operators during the year 2011. Under Telecom (Re-Organization) Act 1996, frequency spectrum is a scarce and highly expensive national resource; and it is the duty of PTA to protect the rights of telecom operators. Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yaseen emphasized that PTA as a regulator is vigilant and is taking all measures to stop this unlawful activity.

ZONG Sets Up State-of-the-Art Multimedia Contact Centre in Lahore

Zong is actively working on several projects to build its brand. Recently, Zong has initiated the first the state-of-the art multimedia Contact Centre in Lahore. The company is already operating two contact centers in Islamabad, providing services to a variety of customer segments. However, this contact centre, which be running on a cloud computing platform, will allow contact centre functionality to integrate with cloud-based Customer Relationship Management. Additionally, the new contact center is expected to employ more than 900 trained agents. During the launch ceremony Babar Bajwa, Director Customer Services, Zong said “The contact centre has been built to cater for the growing market needs and anticipated growth in coming years, especially in north and central regions.”

ICT R&D to Finance National Firewall

The National ICT R&D Fund is asking academia/research institutions and organizations to for send in proposals for the development, deployment and operation of a national level URL Filtering and Blocking System, also known as National Firewall system. The new URL Filtering and Blocking system will serve as a country firewall and will be programmed to potentially block the access of any URL, throughout the country. As per the proposal requirements, the system should have the capability to block URL from domain level to subfolder file levels. Pakistan’s higher authorities have been looking to implement such kind of system, which can restrict access to unfavorable content, for quite a long time now.

Telenor to Further Increase Tariff for Poora Pakistan Offer

It appears like that Telenor is not done yet with increasing tariffs on its Poora Pakistan package. At the launch of the package, Telenor was charging its customers at PKR 7.99 plus tax/ day. However, in Jan 2012, the daily charges were doubled to PKR 15 plus tax and after a while they were further raised to PKR 20 plus tax. As per the new charges, the customers with Poora Pakisatn will charged at PKR 25 plus tax. The new subscription charges, as on their website, will be applied from 1 March 2012. It should be noted here that this time a call setup fee of PKR 1.00 plus tax will also be applied all day, excluding 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

By Aamir Attaa · Friday, Feb 24, 2012 22 Comments

glow warid thumb Glow Launches Dosti Ke RungWarid has introduced Glow Dosti, a revamped package aimed at Pakistani youth.

Warid claims that Glow Dosti will offer its users with an opportunity to talk to their friends and family at lowest possible calling rates. This would be coupled with SMS and GRPS bundles.

According to preliminary information we have received, Warid has used Music as a channel to communicate its new package. Glow Dosti campaign features a song, a thematic TVC and tactical ads for voice, SMS and mobile internet.

A statement issued by Warid said that Glow will get the youth engaged through customized Warid Glow activity areas in select colleges, universities, shopping and entertainment venues across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Glow’s celebration officially begins with the brand new ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ music video being aired across all major local networks, promoting the colors of friendship.

On Glow’s sustained efforts to create avenues for entertainment and engaging the youth, Director Marketing Warid Sadaf Zarrar said, “Warid launched Glow for the very purpose of providing the youth with the most competitive voice and data packages, as well as providing entertainment across various platforms. To this end, Glow has organized as well as partnered with a diversity of events encompassing education, music, theatre, sports and games. With the ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ campaign, we want to further our commitment to the youth and promote positivity within the youth, and bring something fresh and new.”

Brand Manager Glow Saud Khan while giving his comments said, “Glow is a brand targeting the youth of the country and we as a brand understand what “Dosti” means to our audience. The ‘Dosti Ke Rung’ campaign is our way of rejoicing with the youth and showing that we are an integral part of their friendship circle.”

Check below TVC for Glow Dosti Ke Rung:


glowdosti thumb Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

  • Re. 1+tax will be charged only on the first F&F call made in a day.
  • Add up to 10 F&F numbers from any network
  • Add an F&F numbers: SMS Add<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 9+tax
  • Delete an F&F numbers: SMS Del<space><Warid number> to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • Check F&F list: SMS List to 129 @ Rs. 2+tax
  • You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you like.

To Activate:

  • New Glow Customers: Dial 789 to activate Glow Dosti
  • Existing Warid Prepaid or Glow Customers: SMS Dosti to 7777

VAS Tariff:

  • SMS: 25 Paisas per SMS
  • International SMS: Rs. 5
  • MMS: Rs. 3
  • International MMS: Rs. 10
  • Mobile Internet: Rs. 1.2 per 64 KB

Glow Raat Din Offer:

Glow comes with “Raat Din” offer, which gives Glow customers the benefit of talking to their On-net Friends & Family Day and Night at lowest rates.

You can make calls to all your On-net F&F numbers:

FNF thumb Glow Launches Dosti Ke Rung

All Glow customers can avail this offer while being on their existing plans whereas the rest of the Warid Prepaid subscribers can avail this offer only on Glow Dosti.

Re. 1+tax will be charged on the first F&F call made in a day on Glow 1, Glow 2 & Glow Dosti plans.

Raat Din Activation:

  • SMS Dosti to 7777
  • New Warid Customers: Dial 789 Existing Warid Customers: SMS Dosti to 7777

SMS Bundles

  • 150 SMS at Rs. 1.50/day â€" To activate, SMS Glow 150 to 7777
  • 400 SMS at Rs. 2.99/day â€" To activate, SMS Glow 400 to 7777
  • 700 SMS at Rs. 6.99/week â€" To activate, SMS Glow 700 to 7777
  • 1000 SMS at Rs. 7.99/month â€" To activate, SMS Glow 1000 to 7777
  • To deactivate, SMS off to 7777
  • Re. 1+tax will apply on every SMS sent to ‘7777

Mobile Internet

  • 2MB at Rs. 2.99/day â€" To activate, SMS 2MB to 7777
  • 10MB at Rs. 30/month â€" To activate, SMS 10MB to 7777
  • Surf @ Twilight: Unlimited at Rs. 20/day (1am to 9am) â€" To activate, SMS Twilight to 7777.
  • Activation Charges: Rs. 20
  • Re. 1+tax will apply on all SMS sent to 7777.


  • All prices, other than Mobile Internet, are exclusive of 19.5 % taxes


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