‘Fotoshop by Adobe’: A Hilarious Parody Ad Featuring Photoshop

This is probably the most hilarious thing you will see today! Film maker Jesse Rosten was inspired to make this Photoshop/ beauty advert parody after watching an infomercial for a cosmetics line one sleepless night, and he did well!

The result is this awesome video that is simply hilarious. What's even more funny is the tagline used to describe this parody informercial, "This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty".

The ad looks all the more hilarious because most of it is true. You know what they say, beauty is as good as the latest version of Photoshop.

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How To Get Twitter-like Native Facebook, MySpace And Foursquare Integration In iOS 5

Most of us, to varying degrees, use social networks on a day-to-day basis, and thus, Apple’s Twitter integration into iOS 5 was a move met welcomely by iOS fans far and wide.

With so many decent Twitter apps available, many find that using more than one is the best way to go, and it helps to have account credentials already saved into Settings, leaving the user to passively allow an app to access.

For those using other social networks aside from the Twitters, the convenience just isn’t there. However, when there’s something needing improvement within iOS, you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a developer slaving their way through code in order to create it.


In this case, that dev is @0_Maximus_0, and he has created a nifty little tweak called Fusion. As the name implies, it allows you to use iOS’s Twitter sheet to post to other social networks. You can post to either Facebook, Foursquare or MySpace, although I wouldn’t imagine many of you frequent social networking’s once-mighty graveyard.


The part I like most about this tweak is its Siri integration. As if it wasn’t already an extremely convenient tweak, it also allows you to dictate: "Post status to [network of your choice] saying [message]," and, like clockwork, your post will be sent.


It operates on plugins, so whenever a new social network arises, its developer can add a simple plugin to Fusion, and the user will easily be able to post statuses to that network from the Twitter sheet.

It’s available over at the BigBoss repository and costs a very reasonable $2, which in my opinion is a very good price, considering it feels like a truly native feature of iOS.

Of course, you will need to jailbreak your device to install this tweak. For jailbreaking the latest iOS 5.1 (tethered), follow the instructions posted here to jailbreak using Redsn0w, or here for Sn0wbreeze. For jailbreaking iPhone 4S and iPad 2, you can simply follow our step by step tutorial posted here to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 using Absinthe on Windows or Mac. Those of you with an iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod touches can use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze to untether jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1.

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Internet Explorer 9 Performance Slow? Here’s A Quick Fix

iThinkDifferent - Windows Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9 might not be better than Google Chrome, but compared to its previous versions, it is a much better browser. It has a faster JavaScript engine, minimal chrome, efficient browsing, download manage and many other useful features. But sooner or later, it seems to become low for everyone. This problem happens when you install too many add-ons or perhaps malware that shouldn’t be there in the first place. You just don’t get the same performance as you had when you first installed Windows.

Here’s a quick guide on using the ‘Manage Add-ons’ to speed up Internet Explorer 9 as if you have just freshly installed Windows. Now if you have a very fast computer, the performance difference might not be visible but then again, you wouldn’t be here if IE isn’t already slow for you.

Open up manage add-ons in Internet Explorer 9. You can do this by clicking the gears icon in the top right corner and choosing the option in the menu. You’ll see a list of the add-ons currently installed in your browser as below:

Manage Add-onsIn Toolbars and Extensions, see if you have installed anything you don’t need. I have installed Microsoft Office and Orbit download manager and they both install extensions that I never use. So I just selected the and clicked the disable all button.


Similarly, I have Java installed but I don’t use it in the browser ( I use it for Air Video which is a desktop app ). It installs unnecessary add-ons to Internet Explorer 9 which do nothing more than slow it down and perhaps make it vulnerable to security issues. So, these also get disabled.


In certain cases, Internet Explorer also shows the time these add-ons take to load so you can better judge what is causing a performance decrease and what isn’t.

Now under Show, select “Run without permission”. As the name suggests, these add-ons are verified by Microsoft and don’t bother asking your permission to execute every time you launch IE9.


If you have install Microsoft Office like me, it installs tons of add-ons that you never need to use in Internet Explorer 9. Well, unless you do, you can selectively enable what you need. What I do is select all Microsoft Corporation add-ons here and disable them.


Similarly, Java also installs some add-ons here so I disable them as well.

The exact same applications/add-ons might not apply to everyone so the best way is to check and see what works best for you. For example, you might not want to disable Flash as any media on the Internet dependent on this plug-in wont work for you then.

If you have any tips to share with our readers, add them in the comments below.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Activation Keys

Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has just been launched by Microsoft and is now available for download. You can grab the 32-bit and 64-bit download from the Windows 8 website.

When you download Windows 8, Microsoft is also giving out Windows 8 product/activation keys that you can use with the Consumer Preview release.

Here is a list of keys that Microsoft has on the website for everyone to use:


You can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview from the download link below:

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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Is Your Infrastructure Intrusion-Proof?

Yes, if your organization has an IS policy laid out that immediately halts and sends an alert on an unauthorized/suspicious act to access or manipulate information by an external party or an unprivileged user. But is that all? Not entirely. A story we had covered earlier on the CIO Pak website refers serves as a premise for what is to be discussed ahead. Accordingly, engineering an Enterprise Architecture that is intrusion-proof is where the CIO and CSO toggle. It is a critical element of an organization’s security if it intends to have a defense in-depth.

Why is it such a big deal? With faster bandwidth at fingertips of wiz kids that are always in the process of learning by error another technological breakthrough may it put at risk whatsoever, Enterprise Architectures become increasingly sensitive. At times, these attacks are intention-led by serious hackers, spies or whistleblowers that know quite-well how to backdoor into a Denial of Service attack. And therefore, an IT Enterprise Architect should first-most identify where are these threats most likely to originate, if these are external.

Heard of these?

- Corrupted Web Server Extensions

- Remote Data Services

- Overflow from Email Client

- Default SNMP ‘public’ strings

- Global File Sharing

- Weak Password (If you are human, you know what that means!)

Once all rudimentary work is done, the intrusion-detection system to be installed should be based on:

- A shortlist of the organization’s needs and requirements

- Tests performed on hardware and software installed

- Location closest to the production environment

What should be done next? Update as frequently as possible.




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Mobilink Slips Further into Telenor’s Hands

Mobilink Slips Further into Telenor’s Hands

By Aamir Attaa · Monday, Apr 9, 2012 8 Comments

Read this post in Urdu

telenor logo thumb1 Mobilink Slips Further into Telenors HandsNorwegian telecom giant Telenor has further raised its stakes in Vimpelcom after it struck a $715-million deal with JP Morgan Securities last week, giving the group even more financial and voting rights in Vimpelcom.

After buying 65 million common shares from the bank, Telenor now owns 35.66 percent of Vimpelcom up from 31.67 percent, and 39.51 percent of the votes up from 36.36 percent before.

Telenor took back control of Vimpelcom from Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman’s Alfa Group after buying 234 million shares, boosting its ownership to 31 percent from just 25 percent.

It maybe recalled that Vimpelcom, through a deal finalized last year, holds 51.7 percent stakes in Orascom Telecom, the parent group of Mobilink.

With 35.66 percent stakes in Vimpelcom, Telenor group holds 18.44 percent economic rights in Orascom, or in Mobilink subsequently, a fully owned subsidiary of Orascom Telecom.

This proposition translates into a situation where Telenor group has operations in Pakistan through Telenor Pakistan in addition to Mobilink in which it holds 18.44 percent economic stakes.

In simpler words, 18.44 percent of profits from Mobilink goes into Telenor’s pockets, in addition to 20.43 percent voting rights in the firm through its holding.

The situation can concern the competition operators in Pakistan or the competition commission of Pakistan. Even PTA would be worried of this outcome as Telenor’s financial and voting ownership in Mobilink can restrict both firms from bidding in upcoming 3G license auction.


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