Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 heading to US

Samsung has proven its mettle in the smartphone arena and that’s the reason why its sets are so much in demand. It has already set very high standards for its competitors. Its latest avatar Samsung Mega from the flagship galaxy series is ready to take on the market contemporaries and today we bring an exclusive review of this brilliant innovation by Samsung.


Initially which was rumoured to be just a single handset, surfaced two different variants at inception. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Mega 5.8. As their names suggest the only visible difference between them is the screen size.

Both the devices flaunt the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with dual core processors. The latest version of the Android has been coupled with Touch wiz‘s bright and a vibrantly peppy User Interface. There seems to be some nifty changes or additions to the interfaces of the sets, due to which it claims to provide a grand and wonderful experience for the end users. Its home screen looks really clean and tidy. The cosmetic changes have remained the same as there have been no changes adopted in these prospects. Mega 6.3 also enables tabbed browsing which lets you scroll through the screen without much problems or ado. Innovation and sophistication is the natural forte of this handset.

Samsung has taken innovative measures for the next step in the logical manner and have enhanced them with technicality and functionality.  The handset seamlessly lets you handle the functions with the help of two fingers in various drag and drop options. Alongside it features multiple window options which were first visible in the Galaxy Note 2.

Mega 6.3 features the S Translator, snappy camera applications and health applications from S4 etc.  It’s going to come with the connectivity of LTE. But in case your region doesn’t provide you with 4G infrastructure then it will be supporting the connectivity of HSPA. The phone does supports Cat 3 LTE and also to theoretical records; you will enjoy high speed download speeds of around 100 MBPs, and 50 Mbps for uploading.

It has a giant display option available. 6.3 inch display is one of the largest screens which have been visible on the mainstream Smartphone. Its display has the resolution of around 720p which sports pixel of around 233 ppi.

The phone supports a micro SD card slot through which you can expand the storage capacity to around 64GB.  Users can pick the option of either the 8 GB or 16 GB, toting Galaxy Mega included in it. Due to its expandable memory it will be allowing the user to download FULL HD movies on the hand set supported by a vibrant screen. This enhances the phone’s entertainment quotient to a great extent.

It packs a punch with the 3200 mAh battery, which was earlier considered a “prototype” only. But currently going to face reality.  The back portion of the set is easily removable. You will be able to remove the battery without much fuss. The galaxy is going to please those users who were really waiting for a note-like device but without the additional luggage of S-pen or the ridiculously high price .With a marvellous design it surely looks like a winner at face value. It could be priced somewhere between Rs 25000, to 27000 and is all set to hit the market very soon.

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